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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i have some excellent ideas. >> we love those great stories. tweet early and often at ali velshi and christine roamens. we read every single tweet that comes in. we're here every saturday, 1:00 p.m. eastern. sundays at 3:00. and you can log on 24/7 at have a fantastic rest of your weekend. a heated debate reaches a boiling point in new york. hundreds of people rally for and against an islamic center near ground zero. and defriending frenemies, two new words in the oxford dictionary of english. wait until you heard what other words made the cut in today's chat room. and at 5:00, a pole dancing like you've never seen before. we'll show you the tape along
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with other videos that have simply gone viral. hello, i'm fredricka witfield and you're in the cnn news room where the news unfolds this sunday august 22nd. in chile, the president who says 33 miners who have been trapped for two weeks are actually alive. "reuters" news agency quotes him saying that the niners attached a message to a drill that had been lowered into the tunnel. the small gold and copper mine is in the northern part of the country. the cave-in happened august 5th. and as we get more information, we'll pass it on to you. meantime in this country, a face-off near ground zero. opponents and supporters of a planned islamic center staged duelling rallies today. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti was there and joins us live from new york. susan? >> hi, fredricka. this controversy shows no signs of dying down, not yet, anyway.
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yet, both sides, even though they're on opposing viewpoints were peaceful and kept their distance from each other and both rallies went on without any arrests, no problems whatsoever. on the one side, you had about 450 protesters, those who are against the proposed islamic center and mosque. located that would be located about two blocks away from ground zero. they said it is simply too close to ground zero to be respectful. and should not be permitted there. among the people who were at this particular rally included 9/11 family members as well as first responders. and others, including one man who is organizing hard hats to get them to agree not to participate in any union jobs at the propose the islamic center. and this is what some of those folks said. >> i got a real problem that the mayor, the president and the founder of hamas are all in
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consensus with putting up this mosque. that, i got a problem with. can you hear me, obama? this is andy from brooklyn, forget about it! >> this is an insult to those who died. building a mosque is a slap in the face of america and a victory to islam. the imam said destroy america and build the mosque. please new yorkers, join me when i say no to the mosque. no to the mosque, no to the mosque, no to the mosque. >> so he was saying no to the mosque. about a block away you had people who were supportive of the islamic center site and the mosque, which remember, has been operating as a prayer center, anyway, since last fall. these people are saying this is all about the constitutional right to practice whatever
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religion they want or whatever religion anyone wants. and that it is about the freedom to express that religion. they feel that they agree with the developers of the site, who say that they're trying to, to promote better understanding and better tolerance among all religions. and here's what some of those folks had to say. >> the certainly the right and the ability to do whatever they would like and that's what i like about the country. is the ability for people who disagree with one another to hash it out without guns. >> it would be giving in to bigotry and intolerance to demand that it be moved. and i think in the end it makes us, it makes us less safe. because i think we need to show the world that we are a tolerant, open society. >> there are many muslims who lost muslim family members at ground zero. so when they come to visit ground zero as a memorial, they
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should be aible to walk two blocks down and pray for their loved ones. now at this point there's no timetable for building this islamic center. and in fact, the organizers say they have not even begun fundraising yet. >> susan candiotti in new york, thanks so much. now to the egg recall that's sweeping across the country. health officials are trying to pinpoint the exact source of the bacteria that has so many people sick. half a billion eggs from two companies have been recalled in at least 17 states. and we're learning more about one of those companies. our sandra endois in washington. what have you uncovered? >> well, fred, we're learning a lot. the massive nationwide egg recall is growing and this weekend, another iowa-based egg farm is under investigation for possible salmonella contamination. the $6 billion industry is being hit with a recall on half a billion eggs. although that's less than 2% of
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the total 80 billion eggs produced in the nation each year, the outbreak has spread to 17 states since may according to the center for disease control. with triple the average reported rate of salmonella poisoning. now the iowa-based company at the center of the investigation is one of the nation's top ten egg producers, wright county egg and it's privately owned, but it has a long list of legal problems. spanning more than two decades, ranging from a sexually-hostile work environment to animal cruelty. now new to the recall list, a 170 million eggs produced by iowa's hillendale farms since april. the recall list involves a long list of egg brands, and consumers should check the date and plant codes on each carton to see if the eggs are included in the recall. and the fda plans to have some results back by next week. fred? >> so sandra, any reaction coming from these companies accused of violations?
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>> we haven't heard much from wright county. we understand they are cooperating with the fda in terms of their investigation. but we also heard from hillendale farms, the new player in all this. they're saying that both companies do share some of the same suppliers and we're talking about where they get their young chickens and feeds, so that may be the possible link in all of this. >> all right. sandra endo, thanks so much for that update from washington, appreciate that. if you get sick from eating contaminated foods, symptoms could include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. those at the greatest risk of serious or even fatal infections are young children. also frail or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk of salmonella exposure. so for more information on the egg recall, including packaging numbers, go to new trouble in the tropics, forecasters are keeping a close watch on what is now tropical
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depression number six in the central atlantic region, jackie jeris is tracking it. >> if it gets a name, it will be danielle. this system is encountering a little bit of wind shear, but we could see this become danielle in the next 24 hours or so. it's not impacting any land, not bothering anybody out there. you can see a little bit of convection taking place, blowing up on the north side of the system right there. so who knows, we've go a new advisory coming out, we'll get it in about 35 minutes or so and break it to you if it does become danielle. here's the forecast track, what we're expecting with tropical depression number six. you can see the intensification, when it's got the hole in the middle. it reaches tropical storm status and gets a name.
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where the winds are at least 39 miles per hourth and all the models intensifying this thing into our second hurricane of the season. notice this curvature in line we expect it to take a turn to the north. and that would be good news if that all follows through. that means it would steer clear of the u.s. you can see the clustered computer model forecast. really coming together. and looking very similar. so that's good news. one other thing by the way. just want to mention we've got a tornado warning in the philadelphia area. south side of town near the airport right now. you need to be seeking shelter, we'll have more details on that and the rest of the nation's forecast coming up. thanks, jacqui. overseas, u.s. military combat troops pulled out of iraq, plenty of u.s. troops remain in harm's way in that country and in afghanistan. today four u.s. troops were killed in afghanistan. and nato officials say, the americans were killed in three separate incidence. another american servicemember died in iraq and is the first u.s. troop to be
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killed there since the last u.s. combat brigade left the country on thursday. the military said the soldier was killed while conducting operations in iraq's basra province. the top u.s. military commander in iraq says he could imagine a scenario where american troops are in iraq beyond 2011 but on cnn's state of the union today, general ray odierno said the country is on the way to being ready for next year's planned withdrawal of u.s. troops. >> i want to read awe quote from lieutenant general zabari who is the chief of staff of iraqi forces. something he said in the "daily telegraph," he said if i were asked about the withdrawal, i would say to the politicians the u.s. army must stay until the iraqi army is fully ready in 2020. can you foresee a scenario like that where there would be some u.s. military presence albeit much smaller in 2020? >> i don't know.
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i think it depends on what kind of presence you're talking about. if the government of iraq requests some technical assistance in fielding systems that allow them to continue to protect themselves from external threats, we could be here. we have agreements like that in saudi arabia, we have agreements like that in egypt. that continues to help them to develop their infrastructure and security architecture. if that's what we're talking about, potentially, we could be there beyond 2011. >> odierno told cnn's candy is that iraq is fueling instability in iraq by funding and training extremist groups in that country. iran unveil as new weapon it calls quote the ambassador of death. we'll ask an expert what it could mean for america's security. ♪ band: every day you check the weather check the time check the news online ♪
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price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal. tehran unveiled some dangerous new technology today. the first long-range unmanned combat drone made in iran. iran's president call it is the ambassador of death. it is said to be capable of carrying out bombing missions across long difrtenses at high
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speeds and just yesterday, iran reagain fueling its first nuclear energy plant. tehran said the power station will be used to generate electricity. but the u.s. and its allies are worried about iran building nuclear weapons, so lot to talk about here. i want to explore both of these things with the security implications as well. as it pertains to the u.s. and beyond. let's talk with gym walsh about this, an expert on international security at m.i.t. and has testified before congress about iran's nuclear program, good to see you. >> good to see you fredricka. >> before we talk about the nuclear program and what next, let's talk about the drone, the so-called ambassador of death. how might iran use this? why would they have this? they made it all in iran? >> yeah, well, a couple of things, one, it's not surprising that you get this sort of announcement this week. because there's been a lot of
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talk about military strikes against iran. this is the battle in the rhetoric for them to push back a little. it remains to be seen how functional and useful the technology will turn out. whether it's any good or not. but you can understand why they would want it why do they want it? they don't have a good air force if they're attacked by israel, attacked by another country and they want to retaliate and they can't do it with their air force, then drones are in theory, one technology that would give them a retaliatory capability. >> so you see it more in terms of retaliation, as opposed to a preemptive strike? >> since the revolution in 1979 it has not been a country that has engaged in interstate war by attacking other countries. it was attacked by saddam hussein. and it responded to that. but it hasn't really, it may send the cuds force into iraq, it may play with intelligence
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services, but it hasn't started any wars. >> apparently or reportedly there have been some russians involved in helping to protect the technology, whether it pertains to the drone or perhaps pertains to the nuclear powers of iran. how might this be a protection for iran against israel? >> well yesterday, when they opened up the plant, they also on the same day signed an agreement that would have russian technologies working at that plant for the next three years. and i think that's probably a win-win for the iranians and the russians. why? for the iranians it means that israel will be very reluctant to attack that plant. which i don't think they would do, anyway. if they were thinking about it, they wouldn't want to attack it if they were going to kill a bunch of russian technicians that are in that plant. so iran likes it for that reason. russia likes it because they get
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to have eyes and ears on the ground, watching the plath. and they don't want this plant to run into problems, to turn into a which he noble. so both the russians and the iranians get something out of it. >> there was some things said by john bolton who with a a former u.n. envoy. and he talked about how israel may be running out of time or may have already run out of time as it pertains to the nuclear plant. you take him to task on that. why? >> well, you know, these were impromptu remarks that i think were probably ill-considered. first of all, as i said before, there's no way israel attacks a plant and kill as bunch of russians. why? for the past year israel has been trying to woo russia because russia is one of the members of the so-called p-5 34rus one, the group of countries than dealing with iran and israel wants russia to take a tougher stance against iran.
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you kill their engineers, you probably won't get cooperation. and the perception that it's a lost cause. the u.s. intelligence community has said their finding is that iran has yet to make a command decision whether to build a nuclear weapon. it keeps building its capability. but it hasn't decided what to do and the issue here is not the power plant. lots of countries have power plants. it's enrichment. we need to keep our eye on ball and not be distracted by this other stuff. the key when it comes to proliferation is the enrichment technology, which they are already operating. >> at this juncture say it's not a significant worry. these are new cogs in the wheel about in terms of the u.s. or neighboring countries new york city significant worries need to take place as a result of the drone or even this nuclear plant. >> well i think we'll have to wait and see whether the drone is any good.
4:20 pm
they're not going to use it for offensive purposes, they'll use it for defense. and let's stay focused on the core issue, the core issue is enrichments, the russians are going to be on the ground, the international atomic energy agency is going to be on the ground. they're going to be watching the plant. the russians are going to want to get the spent fuel out of there. it's small potatoes, a side. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. telephones with cords, wrist watches -- apparently they're kind of ancient artifacts these days, especially for the class of 2014. we're bringing the generational divide in today's chat room. i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,000 miles on it now,
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a look at the top stories right now. as pakistan battles its worst flarl disaster in history. flood survivors are battling a host of diseases. global health experts say one million survivors are ill, millions more need food and shelter and the death toll has risen to more than 1500. and the stream of u.s. troops leaving iraq is expected to be steady through the end of the month. september 1st is the deadline
4:24 pm
for combat missions to end. president obama is expected to give a speech on the draw-down when his vacation ends, his scheduled to return to washington on august 29th. good news for credit card users. new rules that are part of the wall street reform bill are taking effect today. they ban huge late fees and penalty fees for not using your cards. banks can charge fees in some cases bull theme need to justify them to federal regulators. it's been a while, hasn't it? it feels like a month now. since we've had chat room where jacqui and i have been here. >> we missed you. >> i missed being here. but i was working, it was an interesting excursion i had, i got to experience being in china, in nan jing china, a speaking engagement that involved a panel of journalists
4:25 pm
invited to talk with television journalists in that province. aouple of television stations in nanjiang sponsored it. this is a tour of the broadcasting corporation, the network of the province and they showed us the television studio. which is much like this one. great you know, technology and they were very interested in how to broaden, how to innovate the television news that they are doing right now. it was fascinating. i think i learned as much from them as they probably learned from us. that's steve schwartz, a senior producer for "good morning america" and there was also a journalist from fox as well, as well as a professor from the university of missouri. so it was fabulous. >> what an exciting journey. >> things are a little different over there in terms of television and regulation. >> there's a lot of regulation. and while the journalists respect that and have to abide by it and adhere to it, they're
4:26 pm
interested in broadening out the possibilities within those constraints. they realize there's a big difference, we realize that there's a big difference that we have a constitutional right to conduct and gather news the way we do. they don't have those protections, but they're curious about how they can use the technology they have to do something in a more broad way. >> and their technology is amazing by the way as well. >> it is. so it was fun. >> we missed you. >> what do we have today? >> every year you get the list of the new words that are put into the dictionary. and so we've got that list now finally for what we can expect as you head into 2011. and i think a lot of these words, you're going to recognize and know. >> frenemies? >> frenemies. we've come to be very familiar with frenemies. can we look at the list? >> defriending the frenemy.
4:27 pm
>> that's removing somebody from your list of friends or contacts like on facebook. i thought it was unfriend. >> it's defriend. >> ha do i know. >> chillaxing. relax. it's blend them. >> i use that one. do you? >> no, i haven't used it. >> this one, i didn't know. >> vuvuzela? you didn't know it before the world cup? >> no, i didn't know that's what they called it, either. >> that's okay. it became kind of the new l lexicon for world cup viewers. you had to be. >> it's fun to say. >> vuvuzela. >> it's harmonic. and then frenemy. that's fun. very interesting stuff. >> and you know, i guess a new demarkation of the real generational divide would be these things that most of us have come i don't know, grew up
4:28 pm
with. coiling your finger on the telephone cord. not the class of 2014. >> these are thigs, a reality check. the college puts out every year. so the professors get what the students, the generation gap. so, yeah, few of them write in cur cursive. >> and penmanship has gone down the tubes because of technology and texting. people aren't taking notes in class. like many of us did. >> they probably have their laptops in there. >> that's right. >> no cute little notes any more. note cards. the you know the stationa arara stationary industry is not happy about this. >> the wrist watching. that's a big one. you get your time from your phone. your blackberries or any other
4:29 pm
technology to tell time. >> i can't imagine not having my watch. seriously, always, it's jewelry. it looks like a bracelet. why wouldn't you wear it? >> a watch is like a peefs jewelry. don't let that go. >> we'll have our watches forever. >> i want to talk about brett favre, but we don't have the time. >> you're probably one of the biggest fans of brett favre ever. >> vikings, purple, it's about the vikings for me. they have their preseason game tonight at 8:00 if you're interested in watching that. but that will be his first game, we didn't know if he was coming back. here we go the question every year. he's here. >> he just can't stay away from the game. >> lots of fun in the chat room, missed jacqui. here's a question that has dogged barack obama since before his presidency. is he christian? is he muslim? a reporter had an in-depth
4:30 pm
interview with him as he was encroaching upon the u.s. senate seat and she shares some very interesting findings.
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rallying cries on the streets of new york. >> that's a lie. >> supporters and spoents of an islamic center near ground zero stage duelling demonstrations today. hundreds showed up on both sides of the issue. critics of the project say it's an insult to 9/11 victims and families. supporters argued it's a matter of religious freedom. for the most part. the rallies were peaceful. although there were few skirmishes between the protesters. >> and one of the leaders of the proposed islamic center appeared on abc "this morning."
4:34 pm
and was asked if they would consider moving the project. >> do you think you will move it? >> we want to meet with all the stakeholders who matter. the community has overwhelmingly supported this. so have all the politicians. scott stringer, mayor bloomberg. we have the muslim community around the nation that we have to be concerned about. and we have to worry about the extremists as well. because they are seizing this moment. we have been toe careful and deliberate in when we make any decision. >> we consult with all our stakeholders. >> daisy khan is heading the development of the project with her husband. president obama has weighed in on the islamic center project. saying they have the right to build it. but doing so triggered more questions about his own faith. is he muslim or christian?
4:35 pm
many americans, 18% in a recent pew center poll said they think he's muslim. this despite repeated comments from the president that he is christian. religious columnist kathleen falsani sat down with president obama before he was president. here's a portion of my interview with her. >> back in 2004, kathleen, you sat down with then-about-to-be senator barack obama and you talked to him about his faith. and you asked him right off the top about his faith. and he said this, after you asked, what do you believe? he said quote, i am a christian. so i have a deep faith. so i draw from the christian faith. on the other hand, i was born in hawaii where obviously there are a lot of eastern influences. i lived in indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world between the ages of six and ten. my father was from kenya, and although he was most accurately
4:36 pm
labels as agnostic, his mother was muslim. and i would say intellectually, i've drawn as much from judaism as any or faith. i'm rooted in the christian tradition, i believe there are many paths to the same place and that is a belief that there is a higher power. a belief that we are connected as people. too that there are values that transcend race, culture, that move us forward. that there's an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived. it's a very long quote. but right from the very top of the bat, you believe he offered some real clarity on his position, on religion? >> well, he was very genuine and authent ig and didn't hesitate in answering any of the questions i asked him. he came alone to the interview, he didn't have any notes with him, didn't have any handlers with him. and he gave me, as much clarity as i think somebody whose mind
4:37 pm
and spirit worked the way his do, could. he didn't give easy answers, he didn't give label-related answers. and he, even went back to clarify a few things that if left alone, might have made his spiritual biography, if you will, easier for some people to understand and get their minds around. but that's not how he actually is. so to me it was a marvelous portrait of this man of really humble faith. >> why do you suppose he was so willing, if not eager to do this? >> i don't know if he was eager. but at the time i was, i was doing a series of these spiritual profiles of politicians and i was interviews him and jack ryan, who was running against him in the senate race and our sitting senator from illinois, dick durbin and later alan keyes who came in after jack dropped out and i remember asking all of them and will was a lot of hesitancy among some of them and
4:38 pm
barack was the first one to say yes and seemed to have no problem talking about it and knew what he believed and what he wanted to say about it. >> you can read more about kathleen falsani's interview with barack obama. she has it in her book, the "the god factor." inside the spiritual lives of public people. even though the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard right now, it will still be a busy week ahead in politics. shirley sherrod, remember her? she was forced to resign from the agriculture department, she'll be meeting tuesday with agriculture secretary tom vilsack. she'll discuss a job offer that apparently he's extending to her. she was forced to resign in july after parts of a speech she made was misrepresented and posted on the internet. and primaries in tuesday in four states, florida, arizona, vermont and alaska. and on thursday, a hearing to establish the timing of a
4:39 pm
trial, retrial for former illinois governor, rod blagojevich. he was convicted of lying to federal agents last week. but jurors deadlocked on 23 other more serious charges. turning a personal passion into a money-making venture. we'll tell you the pros and cons of a hobby-preunership.
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4:42 pm
president, he says the news, quote, fills us with joy. the miners have been trapped since a cave-in 17 days ago. families of the miners celebrated after getting the word. authorities say they hope to make contact with them today. and iran has unveiled its first long-range military drone. reports from tehran say the unmanned aerial vehicle can carry out bombing missions against ground targets and fly long distances at a high speed. iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, attended the
4:43 pm
unveiling. and health officials are still trying to pinpoint the source of that salmonella outbreak responsible for the massive egg recall in this country. a half-billion eggs have been pulled from stores. the eggs have been distributed in 17 states by two producers in iowa. 1,000 cases of salmonella have been reported across the country. perhaps you've thought about turning that hobby into a business. if you are considering becoming a so-called hobby-entrepreneur, listen up. we've got some critical tips. beyond the fact that it's a new term that i've come across, debra shegley is the author-of-"the go-getter girls" is here to talk with us about it. this has been around forever, meaning you go after your passion, and it's got a name. >> it's a buzzword, turning something that you already have,
4:44 pm
into something that makes money. >> how do you identify, this is a great hobby, or no, this is a new can career. >> well the first thing you need to think about, is it going to be a job or a hobby and people are shocked to realize how much time it takes to monetize something you love. if you're looking for a creative outlet, maybe keep it on the side, but don't try to make it a 9-to-5. >> if you're starting a new business, you think you've got to be doing something that somebody isn't doing already. you've got to present a new product or idea that's innovative. >> the common misconception is that you need to take up something new to make money. hobby entrepreneurs who are successful, they stick with something they've already been doing. whether you're someone who bakes cookies on the side or does jewelry, you want to look for something that you're passionate about, have skills and talents in, and can produce revenue. >> what is the sweet spot, how
4:45 pm
do you identify it? you're saying i love this, i love it, that means everybody else has got to love it, too. not necessarily the case. >> absolutely. start brain-storming, what are some areas that you love to do. where are your interests? and where you have skills and talents, that's a big factor. you don't want to spend lot of time or money learning something new if you're just trying to make a little extra money on the side. and how are going to make revenue doing this. >> this is where the ego part comes in. because you say to yourself, i make the best angel food cake there is out there and so that constitutes a business right there. you say you've got to check your ego. how do you do that? >> you take a step back. you say i'm venturinging into something new. a lot of people who switch careers, particularly after they've had a certain amount of success in their previous careers are a little shocked to get out there and maybe their family is not sure what they're doing, others are not accepting it as a legitimate business
4:46 pm
venture. there's to way to get over there other than to get out there and put yourself out there. failure leads to emotional resilience. >> you have to have a plan. how do you start with the plan besides the light bulb going off and saying, i can do this. or i want to do this? >> well writing down really helps. you want to start a maybe a simple outline, a one-page concept of your idea. talk about it with anybody who is going to be impacted. your family, you don't want to talk about it with your employer necessarily right up front. but you'll want to talk about how you can strategically fit this new hobby in with your day job, until it reaches a point where you can actually do it full-time or you want to just do it on the side. >> if you do this on the side, you're working around the clock to make it work. because you need to test-drive it, first, right? >> absolutely. a lot of people who are successful. they start with their ratio. they work their day job and two hours a night. as you begin to monetize the new
4:47 pm
thing, as it creates money, you might drop down to part-time at work and gradually shift so you're not putting out too much money while you test the waters. >> you want to advantage of some free marketing which means get people to start talking about you, friends, family, et cetera. to kind of test-drive this product as well. >> facebook, twitter. particularly for do it yourselfers, there's a great whibt called xe, which can help you set up an online store. don't forget the offline, if you're making jewelry, wear it to a party. be the best ambassador for your product and people will start to notice it. hobby-preunership. debra shegley. all the best of luck to those who are inventive enough to come up with a good idea that's outside the box. thanks so much. all right on to britain now, where the government is cutting
4:48 pm
costs just like some would say the u.s. has to do, right? and it has asked the public for suggestions. you won't believe some of the ideas that came pouring in. plus some thoughts on those cost-cutting measures that should be taken right here in the u.s. with their autobahn for all event. it ends soon. they got great prices. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta... ...the routan, and the cc. that cc is gorgeous. that jetta is awesome. my wife loves her new routan. and they all come with that carefree maintenance. scheduled maintenance included. we're not shopping for cars here, people. c'mon! well, i am now. that's kind of exciting. [ male announcer ] right now, get 0% apr on 2010 models, excluding tdi. or get a great price on a certified pre-owned volkswagen.
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4:51 pm
remember within this hour we're talking about the little tropical disturbance out there that could be something? now jacqui jeras says it's something. >> danielle is out there. the intensity has increased enough to qualify the storm to get a name. so tropical storm danielle, about 750 miles away from the cape verde islands, so not impacting land right now. packing winds about 40 miles per hour. moving west-northwesterly and is expected to continue on that track. and eventually curve on up towards the north. the information so new it hasn't updated in our computer system yet. i don't expect that the track is going to change a heck of a lot as the computer models are showing quite a consensus curving it northwest where it eventually hopefully bringing it northward, away from the u.s. it's too soon to say for sure
4:52 pm
whether or not this will impact the united states. but it will be at least a week interest this time. a couple other weather-makers for today, we've been watching some wicked weather moving through the philadelphia area. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect to the south of you now. there was a tornado warning issued earlier. that's been allowed to expire. i haven't seen any reports of damg. lots of rain across the northeast for today. it's been kind of a dreary weekend. if you've been trying to travel or get out for tomorrow, you business travelers, ground-stops and lots of delays, so call ahead if you have those flights, the lows will linger, it looks like a real dreary week hahead for folks in the northeast. the united kingdom is having money problems, too and yesterday we told you about how the conservative-led government asked the public for help in saving money. they want the suggestions and the answers came pouring in.
4:53 pm
and josh levs gave us a little preview and offered a challenge, didn't you? >> yeah. we said look, america's got debt, too. we wanted your ideas. let's recap what the ideas here. her majesty's treasury, the treasury of britain reached out and said, okay, everybody, what should the country do to save money. they got tens of thousands of ideas that were submitted. i went through some. let me just show you some of the hot examples people sent in some really practical ones like this, like buildings, let's use fewer buildings, next one, street lights, someone said, turn off every other streetlight. next one, have fewer managers, the two-minute managerial workers inside the government. then the crazier things, like this one's sell the queen's swans for meat. and get prisoners to get on treadmills and generate energy. and finally my favorite one of that list, cheap booze from someone in britain who said if
4:54 pm
booze was cheap, people would be drunk all the time and wouldn't realize what a bad job the government was doing. we reached you to you sand and said, hey, america's got tons of debt, what should we be doing. facebook from patrick, abolish the department of education, agriculture, commerce, labor, hhs, hud, energy and create an opt-out system fors is. couple more, no tax breaks or incentives for oil companies or any company that outsources jobs. and flat tax, tell congress to buy its own doughnuts and bottled water. raise taxes and cut spending, although we don't have the political will to do it the math doesn't lie. the only way to stop the record budget deficits. here's how you can weigh in you've got my page, joshlevs@cnn. twitter, facebook. >> i knew people would respond. it was a great challenge. and folks get a little inventive when it comes down to money.
4:55 pm
i like the one about the doughnuts. >> that was clever. >> they should be eating egg whites. >> we can talk a little bit more about those eggs, right? whether it's raw eggs, sunny-side up, egg white omelette, all that, all of that something scrambled up as they say today. but this minnesota family, they're not going to be eating them that way or any way any time soon. we'll bring you their encounter with bad eggs. good job, keep going !
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
minnesota is one of the states where people have gotten sick from eating bad eggs. reporter renney testman with affiliate kare, looks at what
4:59 pm
family of five went through. >> healthy enough now to bug his sister -- jackson danielson never again wants the bad bug he got a couple of weeks ago. >> cramps in my stomach. >> it it also sickened his sisters, mom and dad. >> everybody had diarrhea, that was kind of the first thing. and then headaches. and then throwing up. and then it was body aches, couldn't even move. it was like in your joints. it hurt so bad, i mean -- it was worse than any flu i've had. >> we thought we had the flu. but then we saw the egg recall and we figured that's what it was, because my dad read off the symptoms from the computer and all the symptoms were what we had. >> symptoms from salmonella poisoning from tainted eggs. but it wasn't until the recall was expanded on friday that their suspicions were confirmed. the hillendale egg these bought at walmart were recalled. >> i checked your website and sure enough, here it is,


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